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MamaWorkout is a fitness and health concept developed in Germany. It's specifically designed for mothers during pregnancy, after birth and throughout the first baby years. The postnatal classes are designed for a quick regeneration and recovery after birth, so moms can soon go back to normal fitness.

In Germany the MamaWorkout program is approved and covered by the health insurance providers, allowing women at least 10 pre- and postnatal MamaWorkout sessions for each pregnancy. The insurance providers are convinced of the quality of the program and the beneficial longterm health results.

Who is this program for?

The program is suitable for pregnant low risk mothers or mother who are more than 6 weeks postnatal after spontaneous or cesarean delivery. However it is never too late to start the MamaWorkout program, even if your child is much older. Mothers who are less than 6 weeks postnatal can start their own regeneration program at home. 


Why are prenatal exercise classes so important?

Prenatal exercises help your body to cope with the big physical change your body is going through. It helps to lessen or prevent the most common pain or discomfort zones. Such as lower back pain or shoulder and neck pain. A good physical condition during pregnancy can help during birth but also after the baby is born to recover more faster and it helps you to deal with your exhausting new daily routine. Click here for more information

Why are postnatal exercise classes so important?

Postnatal exercises help your body to return back to normal after birth. During pregnancy, skin, muscles and the spine are stretched and the organs are pushed away from their original place. Especially your straight abdominal muscles separated to give space to your growing baby. This gap, called diastasis recti needs to be closed before returning to more rigorous exercise. The postnatal exercises are carefully chosen to support your body finding back to its old fitness

If your body feels normal after pregnancy, you might not think you don't need postnatal exercises, however complications such as incontinence or prolapse can actually occur many years after giving birth. Click here for more information



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