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Birth Stories

A great Thank you to all the Kaust - moms who are sharing their birth story with us!

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USA - Nov 2018

Julie - My shortest labour of four

My hypnobirth story started with my fourth pregnancy.  My first three deliveries were all quite normal in the sense that there were no complications. Healthy baby, healthy mommy, and no need for a c-section.  I even managed no pain medications for my second two deliveries.  I entered my hypnobirthing class with Barbara thinking maybe hypnobirthing could give me a pain free delivery.  Although my delivery with my fourth was not pain free, the hypnobirthing class with Barbara gave me so much more. Through her class I learned how to relax my mind and my body.  I learned that hypnobirthing does not mean that I am being hypnotized and told how to think or feel, but actually the exact opposite.  I learned how to communicate with my own inner thoughts and feelings so as to focus more completely while giving birth and to cut out the distractions around me. 

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Birth Story Julie
Birth Story Marghe

DSFH - March 2019

Welcome to the world baby Gemma

It is time to write this beautiful birth story because I would like to let people know that a wonderful experience is possible. 


Saturday, March 9th

I had mild and not regular waves for the whole day. My parents in law and my husband took care of Gioia, my two years old daughter, and the house so that I could cuddle myself. 

I slept, I ate a lot because I was really hungry, I listened to the hypnobirthing tracks, and I practiced the breathings. 

In the evening, the waves became more regular, but they were still mild.

I prepared and hugged Gioia. It was her first night without Mama. 

I had a warm and relaxing bath; the waves didn't stop, so I understood they were the right ones.

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Birth Story Andrea

DSFH - July 2019

Andrea - In the end I needed a C-section

For my first birth, I did some self-teaching about hypnobirthing, mainly by watching videos and using the affirmations. I found some success in the techniques so when I was preparing for my second birth and heard there was a hypnobirthing course here at KAUST I was very excited. The course itself was very useful. Going through things in detail not only helped me prepare for birth, but helped me to understand what had happened the first time (induction at 10 days overdue) and release some of the fear I had from that experience. It also helped my husband and I get on the same page for our approach the second time around.

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Samir Abbas - Nov 2019

Lindsey - Smiling between the surges

Dear Clark,


We had waited for you to join our family for what seems like forever and when you finally decided to join us you came incredibly fast! Towards the end of my pregnancy I started having frequent Braxton Hicks surges and felt really heavy and big. My doctors said that you would probably come early and that I wouldn’t make it to my due date. This got me so excited and once I hit 38 weeks I waited for you every day to arrive, but as your due date crept closer I gave up on expecting you early and decided to just let you come when you were ready. I walked every day, drank raspberry leaf tea, bounced on an exercise ball, and listened to my hypnobirthing affirmations and relaxation tracks while I waited for you to tell me that you were ready.

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Birth Story Lindsey

Elodie - A beautiful race to meet our baby

Before being introduced to hypnobirthing by Barbara, I didn’t know what was a birth plan, never heard about the doulas, and had a quite negative opinion about hypnosis in general for knowing only what we can see on TV shows… Our “birth plan” was to go to Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital because that’s where the ambulance would bring us. We would basically be confident that the doctors know their job and therefore what is best for our baby and us. As all my friends before me, I would have an epidural, because it would be stupid to go into unnecessary pain. I was ready to be ‘not so difficult’ or ‘exigent’ in my expectations for this birth and adapt to whatever situation would be offered to me.


Well, all this was my plan before meeting Barbara and taking the hypnobirthing course…which both completely changed the course of my pregnancy and baby’s birth.  

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 DSFH- Dec 2019

Birth Story Elodie
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