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What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method is a birth preparation program that prepares the mother to give birth in a peaceful and calm manner, full of confidence and trust in her body knowing how to give birth in the most natural and instinctive way. This unique program teaches women simple but effective self-hypnosis, relaxation and special breathing & imagery techniques for a calm, relaxed and more comfortable birth.


The main goal of HypnoBirthing is to teach the pregnant woman how to release all prior programming about birth to free herself of limiting thoughts and emotions that lead to pain, causing fear and resistant muscles. This unique program considers the psychological and emotional as well as the physical well-being of the mother, but also her birth partner and the newborn.

HypnoBirthing doesn’t require any particular belief system or prior experience.


What will I learn during a HypnoBirthing Class?

With HypnoBirthing you will discover that childbirth can be a satisfying and empowering experience.

You will learn:

  • to release the fears and anxieties associated with giving birth (also from traumatic birth experiences) and how you can free yourself from negative associations and stories.

  • to identify your wishes, organize your birth preferences and write a birth plan

  • learn all the techniques you need to achieve a shorter and more bearable labour

  • why & how you can have an easy, comfortable  and safe birth

  • how to assist, rather than resist, your natural birthing instincts

  • that your body can produce its own natural painkillers 

  • the differences between a HypnoBirth and a standard hospital birth

  • about the importance of family bonding


Will I be in a trance or asleep during my birth?


No not at all. Self-hypnosis has nothing to do with the on stage magical and mystical myth of hypnosis where people seem to be made to give up control of themselves. You’ll rather be in a state of deep relaxation, awake, aware and fully in control of what is happening around you.  You will be able to interact with your birth partner and the medical staff.  With HypnoBirthing you can just tune out the distractions. Your focus will be on your amazing birthing body and your baby that will soon be born.


The HypnoBirthing experience is comparable with the state of mind when you are engrossed in a beautiful book or daydreaming. Have you ever asked yourself while driving the car back home from work how you got there? Or have you ever been so caught up in a film or your mobile phone that you've lost track of time?

Hypnosis is just simply a natural state of physical, emotional and mental relaxation along with a heightened state of awareness. This state of consciousness is extremeley comfortable and relaxing just like those moments before you fall asleep or as you start to wake up in the morning.


Who is the HypnoBirthing Program for?


  • It is for any expecting mother with birth partner (father) regardless of where you are planning to give birth
    (Saudi or in your home country) or if it is your first, second or third baby.

  • women after week 14, ideally you are around week 30

  • women who want to keep control, be informed and take over responsibility for herself and her baby

  • couples who are motivated to invest 20min of daily practice

  • couples who plan to attend all sessions of the class


What are the benefits of HypnoBirthing?

For the mother

  • HypnoBirthing massively reduces the need for medication. Often there is no medication needed at all

  • You will know how to relax and stay calm and confident and in control at any stage of labour

  • With the learnt techniques you can shorten your birth by several hours

  • You will experience less fatigue during labour

  • Breastfeeding and bonding with your baby after birth is much easier

For the baby

  • HypnoBirthing babies tend to be calmer and feed and sleep better because they were born in a gentle and calm manner.

  • Without drugs they are very alert right after birth and can start breastfeeding right away

  • They can better bond with the mother

For the dad

  • Dads play an important and active role in HypnoBirthing

  • They learn how to support their wife the best possible way

  • Dad's feel important because they know how to help rather than just being a helpless onlooker

  • They feel confident and proud to have been able to help

For the couple

Many couples report that the HypnoBirthing experience has brought them closer together and brought a great value to their partnership


HypnoBirthing does not...

  • offer totally pain free birth experiences. It offers the possibility of birthing without fear or stress

  • guarantee a picture-perfect "natural" birth. There are many factors that can affect birth, some of which are outside of our control

  • preclude medical intervention if needed


The HypnoBirthing Premise

Through a very simple program of self-hypnosis and education, healthy, low-risk women, as well as women who need medical assistance because of  special circumstances, learn to dismiss fear-based stories, misinformation, and birthing myths; and they are helped to see birth as normal. They learn to trust that their bodies know how to bring their babies into the world in the calm and gentle way that Nature intended

Courses & Prices

To see the next available courses as well as the price and what is included please click here


Do you still have questions?

Don't hesitate to contact me!

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