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Birth Stories

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USA - Nov 2018

Julie - My shortest labour of four

My hypnobirth story started with my fourth pregnancy.  My first three deliveries were all quite normal in the sense that there were no complications. Healthy baby, healthy mommy, and no need for a c-section.  I even managed no pain medications for my second two deliveries.  I entered my hypnobirthing class with Barbara thinking maybe hypnobirthing could give me a pain free delivery.  Although my delivery with my fourth was not pain free, the hypnobirthing class with Barbara gave me so much more. Through her class I learned how to relax my mind and my body.  I learned that hypnobirthing does not mean that I am being hypnotized and told how to think or feel, but actually the exact opposite.  I learned how to communicate with my own inner thoughts and feelings so as to focus more completely while giving birth and to cut out the distractions around me. 

As I practiced these self hypnosis exercises with Barbara, she also created the time and questions that helped me think through the kind of delivery I would feel the most comfortable with.  For the first time I created a Birth Plan and found a healthcare provider, in my case a midwife, that supported it.  I looked into different places I could give birth and chose where I would feel most comfortable.  With my Birth Plan, my midwife and the hospital all set, for the first time, I felt like I was taking responsibility for my baby’s birth and strengthened in knowing this is all to support what my body does naturally. On the day of my baby’s birth, I went into labor at 11 am and as the surges came and went, I felt very calm and relaxed. My husband drove us to the hospital and we met the midwife there at about 2 pm. The surges were getting closer together and strong enough to make me focus during their wave of tightening. Between each surge, I felt energized and relaxed.  My midwife suggested laboring in the shower and this added to the sense of calm as I listened to the music from the hypnobirthing class. While in the shower, my membranes released and the midwife directed me to the bed and asked my husband to get the nurses to prepare for delivery. As I laid in the bed, I barely noticed anyone around me. I focused internally on the surges and my breathing which allowed me to relax my body and let it do all the work.  My little one was born at 4:07 pm. This is the shortest labor and delivery of all four and I attribute that to how calm and relaxed I was as well as the breathing I was doing.  I am so grateful for this experience and all that I learned from Barbara’s hypnobirthing class. I had a beautiful hypnobirth delivery and I still use the calming techniques in my day to day life.  


Birth Story Julie
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