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Birth Stories


DSFH - March 2019

Welcome to the world baby Gemma

It is time to write this beautiful birth story because I would like to let people know that a wonderful experience is possible. 


Saturday, March 9th

I had mild and not regular waves for the whole day. My parents in law and my husband took care of Gioia, my two years old daughter, and the house so that I could cuddle myself. 

I slept, I ate a lot because I was really hungry, I listened to the hypnobirthing tracks, and I practiced the breathings. 

In the evening, the waves became more regular, but they were still mild.

I prepared and hugged Gioia. It was her first night without Mama. 

I had a warm and relaxing bath; the waves didn't stop, so I understood they were the right ones. 


Sunday, March 10th

At the clinic they told me: "Come here when the contractions are every 8 minutes because it takes one hour from here to the hospital." 

My husband and I went to bed, and I told him to sleep. I relaxed my body with breathing, and I listened to the hypnobirthing relaxations. I woke my husband up when the waves were every 8 minutes; it was time to go! 

We arrived at the hospital, and I was really relaxed and in control. I asked the doctor on duty to don't check me many times and don't force me to lie down at the monitor.

During the hypnobirthing class, I learned how to write a clear Birth Plan, when you know what you want things are easier. 

The waves were regular but still mild, and my doula and I walked and talked a lot in the corridor. Every time a wave was coming, I stopped myself, and I breathed. 

At one point, every time I closed my eyes during a wave, I saw my mom, my dad, and my grandmother Gemma. They were with me, and they were giving me force at that special moment! 

I was in control, and I felt the force. 

At one point we went to the delivery room.

My husband, the doula, and I worked together as a perfect team. I was on the yoga ball focused on my breath. While my husband was holding my hands,  the doula was squeezing my hip with a wrap. We were also listening to the birth affirmations. 

The waves were very close, and at one point, I thought: "I can't do it…." It was the transition. I was prepared for that because I have learned about the transition in the hypnobirthing course. The doula assured me: "It is normal, you are doing great!" so we went ahead stronger than before. 

My waters broke, and I understood my baby was coming. 

The doctor came, and in a few minutes baby Gemma was on my chest.

Words can't explain that feeling, my husband and I fell in love with her. 

Gemma stayed on my chest as long as we could, and she immediately latched at the breast. 


I can only say thank you… 

Thank you to my husband, Andrea, because he always believes in me. 

Thank you to my doula Asia because she did an amazing job during all the labor and birth. 

Thank you to hypnobirthing course and especially to Barbara, a special hypnobirthing instructor. 



Comment of Barbara the HypnoBirthing Instructor:

The picture of Margherita and baby Gemma was taken right after birth. Look at how wide awake, alert and happy the mother is and how pink and relaxed baby Gemma. Due to the HypnoBirthing techniques they managed birth without any pain mediciation.



Birth Story Marghe
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