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Prenatal Exercise Classes

MamaWorkout is a fitness and health concept developed in Germany. It's specifically designed for mothers during pregnancy, after birth and throughout the first baby years. These prenatal classes are designed to keep up the fitness level you had before pregnancy or even build up a certain fitness level if you did'nt exercise before.

In Germany this program is approved and covered by the health insurance providers because they are convinced of the quality of the program and the beneficial longterm health results.

Who is this program for?

The program is suitable for healthy pregnant mothers and babies at any stage of pregnancy. If you have any pre-existing medical condition or any pregnancy-related condition in which your doctor deems you unfit for exercise then this class is not designed for you. If you are unsure please read the following safey guide lines and contact your OB before you join to get the go-ahead.


What are the benefits of prenatal exercise classes?

In general you can keep up your physical fitness for a longer time and after delivery you can more easily return to the fitness level you had before pregnancy. A good fitness level supports your physical well-being and your mental balance.


In addition the training can prevent, reduce or stave common physical discomforts such as:

  • constipation

  • heavy, swollen legs and feet

  • risk of varicose vein

  • risk of thrombosis

  • back and neck pain

  • sleep disorder

  • incontinence

  • excessive weight gain

  • gestational diabetes

  • gestational hypertension (high blood pressure)

  • mood swings


What are the main goals of the prenatal exercise classes?

The main purpose is to keep or improve your general fitness level, to prepare you for the time after delivery, to meet other moms, enjoy some well-deserved me time and have fun after a long day!!


By effectively targeting certain muscle groups you can stave off aches and pains, keep your energy levels in check and boost your strength and stamina. This will help you to power through a natural delivery and to manage your daily routine as a mom with a newborn. 


Should I join the class if I don't feel well?

Your pregnant body may be less fit depending on your hormon cocktail and the development spurt of your baby.

Good days may alternate with bad days where you feel tired, unfit and lethargic. Your body signals that it needs a rest and you should follow its signs! Don't overdue yourself and hang onto strict trainings goals. Consider on those tired days if you prefer to rest on the couch or if a walk outside or some other gentle exercise would revitalise you.

If you don't want to join the MamaWorkout class this is fine. Thats why you don't need to register but can just show up. You just pay for the classes you join. But it could also be that meeting other moms can cheer you up and the gentle exercises will revitalise you. Maybe you can escape from home and older children and enjoy your well - deserved me time.


Just keep the safety rules in mind.

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