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Birth Stories

Birth Story Andrea

DSFH - July 2019

Andrea - It ended in a C-section

For my first birth, I did some self-teaching about hypnobirthing, mainly by watching videos and using the affirmations. I found some success in the techniques so when I was preparing for my second birth and heard there was a hypnobirthing course here at KAUST I was very excited. The course itself was very useful. Going through things in detail not only helped me prepare for birth, but helped me to understand what had happened the first time (induction at 10 days overdue) and release some of the fear I had from that experience. It also helped my husband and I get on the same page for our approach the second time around.


I was induced once again, but felt prepared to discuss this decision with my doctor. The course gave the tools to share our preferences in a respectful way. In the end I needed a cesarean section. I used the hypnobirthing techniques throughout the labor leading up to the decision to have a c-section. I also used them to remain calm through the procedure itself, as I was not really prepared for that to happen and I didn’t want to be anxious or stressed.


Finally, though I had some trouble breastfeeding with my first born, I found myself using affirmations as my second born began the breastfeeding journey. I can remember saying to myself over and over “I relax, so that my baby can relax” to help me release tension and also to remind me that she would be able to find her way if I gave her the chance. And she did! Overall, the course was a huge help and Barbara was a big support both leading up to and after the birth. I would highly recommend it as a way to support no matter what path the birth takes!



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